Who We are


When it comes to packaging of materials, consumer expect nothing less than highest level of quality and value being provided to them. We at GK wooden ensures that our clients are our topmost priority. We have been catering for our clients and their needs since as 1987. Founded by our esteemed founder Barkat Ali khan, we have since then did nothing but exceeded in every area of service that we provide to our valuable clients.

We offer a large number services inclusive mainly of Seaworthy packaging, Air export packaging, plywood packaging, storage packaging, container lashing, heavy duty export box, VCI packing, VPCI packing, VCCI packing, AVP packaging, vacuum packaging, corrugated sheet and box, and heavy duty crates, pallets & frames.

We take pride in the quality of our products and the excellent customer support that we provide even after sale. Mission of our company when founded was to excel in the field of packaging case and containers. Our founder takes pride in the fact that we have since our establishment did nothing but have succeeded in doing so and have increased our presence all over India continuously. Other than the vision shared by all the people working in this company who make it their mission to adhere by it, our company have a strong set of ethics which we compel our employees to abide by under all circumstances.

With more than three decades of experience in the packaging industry, our founder Barkat Ali khan guides the company in providing our clients with cost-effective and durable lasting solutions that fit to their needs. More than that, we also help our clients by extending the services of skilled craftsmen and allied industry professionals to help them with customized material demand and finishing.

At present, we are one of the top ones in the industry who are consistent in providing wooden packaging cases and containers along with an array of services which are used by host of people for safe transportation services and delivery. Not just that, our prices are also competitive of the market rates and the quality best.