What We do

Sea worthy packaging

Sea worthy Packaging

For products susceptible to oxidation and corrosion, we provide packaging that has its conformity to the world class standards with our first class packaging material.
Air export packaging

Air export Packaging

For international transport shipments, packaging is done that is an outermost layer of packaging and is designed to keep your shipments safe.
Plywood packaging

Plywood Packaging

We manufacture a qualitative range of packaging plywood which we then supply to our industry clients. Our products are supervised under experienced professionals according to industry norms and guidelines.
Storage packaging

Storage Packaging

We manufacture a wide range of storage boxes and other packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape, padlocks, and other useful products. Our packaging products not only provide with everything you need for packing, moving and storage purposes but also for keeping them safe and secure.
Container lashing

Container Lashing

With our system at place, container lashing is a walk in the park. Fast, effective and secure against all kinds of damage. It comes rather inexpensive as compared to others.
Heavy duty export box

Heavy Duty Export Box

We are known for our toughest range of heavy duty cardboard boxes which are selected carefully by keeping size in mind to ensure proper fitting. For custom demands, we make even stronger boxes as well.
For products and shipments susceptible to corrosion or volatile combustion, we offer vci packaging that’s used to protect them against both these during transportation. We offer various packaging types in this which are first passed via several tests.
For the purpose of rust prevention, our vpci packaging replaces the older methods such as using oil and other preservatives, this packaging that we offer is transparent thus making it easy to identify transportation shipments.
Our AVP packaging covers accuracy and flexibility for amongst all aspects of packaging and print manufacturing.
For food and other perishable items, we provide vacuum packaging while transportation. Our vacuum packaging involves air extraction, sealing of product and then aeration.
We provide multilayered items such as corrugated sheets and boxes used to carrying heavy duty items such as refrigerator, LCD television, cooling appliances and much more. Available in different sizes they are eco-friendly too.
We provide superior quality with high load bearing capacity, high strength and robust construction. Some of the factors to which we owe the widely acclaimed accreditation of our products.